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    Welcome to TV OMG — The Future of Television

    Thank You for choosing TV OMG.
    Follow the steps below to get started.

    Step 1 – Connecting to your TV

    Connect the HDMI cable to your TV and TV OMG media box.
    Using your TV remote, Change the input source to the HDMI setting.
    Plug in the TV OMG media box.
    Select the POWERbutton.

    Step 2 – Connecting to the Internet

    There are two ways to connect to the internet. Ethernet provides a better connection, while wireless can be more convenient.


    Using an Ethernet cable connect your router to the TV OMG box.


    From the HOME screen, Navigate to Settings.
    Select the wireless check box.
    Choose your network.
    On your TV OMG remote locate the MOUSE button.
    Use the onscreen pointer to select the password box.
    Type your network password and select CONNECT.

    Step 3 – Registering your product

    REGISTER your product to receive support, future updates, access our forums, live chat room, and to activate your warranty.
    Using your TV OMG remote, on the top row select the Internet button.
    In the address bar type or follow link.

    Step 4 – Enjoy the future of Television

    With the TV OMG remote select the HOME button.
    Look for the K on screen and select it.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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