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    Keyboard Controls

    C Context Menu
    I Info

    M Player controls

    P Play
    Q Queue
    X Stop
    F Fast forward
    R Rewind

    A Audio Delay
    Z Zoom / Aspect ratio
    Space Pause / Play

    D Move item down list
    U Move item up list

    S Shutdown

    T Toggle subtitles

    W Mark as watched / unwatched

    – Volume down
    + Volume up
    = Volume up
    F8 Mute

    Seek forward
    Seek backward
    (left arrow) Seek backward 1 minute
    (right arrow) Seek forward 1 minute

    (down arrow) Seek backward 5 minutes
    (up arrow) Seek forward 5 minutes

    [ Seek forward 10 minutes
    ] Seek backward 10 minutes

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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