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    Problems with Peer-to-Peer sharing

    Peer-to-peer sharing (P2P), such as Bit Torrent, Limewire, Napster, etc. has three main problems:

    1. Live feeds are impossible
    2. Files can have missing pieces
    3. Waiting for downloads to finish
    4. Sharing reveals information


    Live feeds are impossible

    Peer-to-peer networks break up files and distribute them to many different places. It takes a significant amount of time to collect and reassemble the pieces, so live feeds are not practical with P2P sharing.


    Files can have missing pieces

    On P2P networks the pieces of a file are scattered across many machines. Because they aren’t stored in one place, there is no way to tell if all of the pieces are available until you have spent the time downloading them.


    Waiting for downloads to finish

    Even when you can find all of the pieces, it can sometimes take days or weeks to get them all. Because of how video files are usually formatted, you can’t start watching something until it has completely finished downloading, so even the quickest transfers require a significant wait.


    Sharing reveals information

    Peer-to-peer sharing expects you to share the files you have downloaded with others. This can be a big problem if you have any privacy concerns. If you think it’s nobody’s business what you want to watch, then P2P is not for you.


    Why streaming sources work better

    1. Built for live feeds
    2. Files aren’t broken up into pieces
    3. No waiting for downloads to finish
    4. No sharing means better privacy


    Built for live feeds

    Watching live events is no problem for streaming software, which was designed to handle real-time feeds.


    Files aren’t broken into pieces

    If a streaming server has the file, is has the whole file, not just some pieces, like with P2P sharing.


    No waiting for downloads to finish

    Streaming sources let you start watching right away. You don’t need to transfer the entire file before you can start.


    No sharing means better privacy

    We do not install any software that shares your files with anonymous users on the internet.


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