State-of-the-art hardware

Multi-core processor and GPU ensure smooth operation.
Newest model supports the latest 4k Ultra High Definition standard.

HDMI output supports the latest displays.

Install your favorite apps

Because it’s built on Android, you can install any of your favorite apps, including

  • Chrome and Firefox web browsers
  • Video games (with optional game controllers)
  • Image and video editing software
  • Video conferencing using Skype, Google Hangouts, or your favorite app (with optional webcam)

Compatible with other systems

Personal Computers
Browse and share files with Apple, Linux, and Windows PC’s
Smart phones
Remote control apps available for Android and iPhone.
Media Centers
Share files with other media systems running Kodi, MythTV, Plex, XBMC, or Windows Media Center.


Supports most devices such as deluxe remote controls, keyboards, game controllers,  mice, headphones, and webcams with standard USB or Bluetooth support.